Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Deveraux Arrest

On the above date and time while on uniform patrol assigned to marked cruiser East Two along with Officer Pasqualino assigned to marked cruiser East Three, we were both dispatched to Marion ST. for a report of a domestic call.

Upon my arrival I was able to hear loud screams coming from the back of the house. I went around the back and saw a female standing by the back door yelling at someone. Officer Pasqualino stayed in the first floor and I proceeded to go up to the third floor.

I was greeted by the caller. She stated that her granddaughter was sleeping in the bedroom when Noreen Devereaux came in to her apartment and started to call her a whore and asking if she was going to stay there because she is lazy and doesn’t do anything. She woke up and had an argument with MRS Noreen.

Officer Pasqualino was greeted by Mrs Noreen Devereaux, she told Officer Pasqualino, that she was going to go grocery shopping but first went upstairs to check on her mother, when her niece assaulted her, pulled her hair and scratched her on her arms.

When I spoke to Noreen she said that her niece attacked her and tried to strangle her. Noreen had no marks around her neck and a couple of minor scratch marks on her left forearm.

When officer Pasqualino spoke to the mother she told him that her daughter Noreen went upstairs and started to insult her granddaughter, when the granddaughter approached her aunt, Noreen grabbed a chair and went after her using a chair to push her back into the hall way, the victim defended herself and proceeded to hide in the bedroom.

When I spoke to the victim, she said that she was six months pregnant and that her aunt Noreen has something against her and that doesn’t want the baby to be born. she said that when she was in bed sleeping her aunt Noreen went upstairs calling her names and insulting her. The victim got out of the bedroom to confront her aunt and then her aunt, Noreen picked up a chair and went after her pushing her back in to the bedroom. The victim went back out of the bedroom ones more and then Mrs Noreen grabbed a wooden broom and charged her pushing her back into the bedroom ones again.

After speaking with all the parties involved to include the witness, I determined that the primary aggressor was Mrs Noreen Devereaux. She was placed under arrest and was transported to the Somerville Police Department.

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