Somerville Pop Warner: Active and Healthy Youth Wellness Program “A Better You thru Football”

Somerville Pop Warner in connection with Cambridge Health Alliance is proud to be offering a FREE informational series on selected health topics during the month of August. It is
open to all football players, cheerleaders, and their families looking to get a start on a healthier lifestyle. There will raffles, prizes, and giveaways throughout the month!
Sessions will be at Foss Park from 4:30 to 5:30pm
Snacks and drinks provided.

Week 1​​How to keep a Healthy Weight​​August 6th
1. Learn about calories, nutritional labels, eating habits and health
2. Activities to learn about sugar, salt and fats in common foods
3. Create individual Healthy Weight Commitment
Presented by Lee Ann Jarnagin (Broadway Pediatrics NP), Rebecca Rash (WIC Director /Nutritionist), and Lisa Brukilacchio(Somerville Community Health Agenda)

Week 2​​Preventing & Coping with Sports Injuries​August 11th
1. Interactive drills on injury prevention
2. Concussion awareness
3. Warm-up and Cool-downs
4. General injury management / First Aide
Presented by Nick Wilson(CHA Sports Medicine)
Week 3​ Pressures: Parents, Peers, School, and Sports​August 18th
1. Learn about how stress impacts physical and emotional health
2. Identify and practice healthy coping strategies
3. Develop personal plan for coping with pressures

Presented by Beth Beaverson(Family Planning/Adolescent Health) and Patty Conte(City Trauma Response Network)

Week 4​​Parents Day…..General Overview of the Program​August 24
@ Pop Warner Jamboree at Dilboy Stadium
1. Learn what each week has been about
2. Free Health Screenings for adults available
3. Information on concussions and what to look for in your child
4. Information on local resources for healthy eating and active living

Volunteer Health Advisors, Somerville Community Health Agenda, Shape Up Somerville

Week 5​​How to Keep a Healthy Weight, Part 2​​August 24
1. Report on progress on health commitment activities
2. Follow up on questions from previous weeks
3. A Path to Continuing a healthier lifestyle

This informational series is focused on taking a well-rounded approach to your child’s health. Mind, Body, & Soul Strong

Any questions please call: Robert Torino
Player Safety Coach ‘14

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