GOOD MORNING – TODAY IS SUNDAY, May 18, the 138th day of 2014 with 227 to follow. Sunrise in the Boston area is @ 5:20 and sunset is @ 8:01. The moon is waning. The morning stars are stars are Neptune, Uranus & Venus. The evening stars are Jupiter, Mars, Mercury & Saturn.

ON THIS DAY IN: 1642 – Montreal, Canada, was founded.

1764 – The British Parliament amended the Sugar Act from a commercial to a fiscal measure, to tax American colonists.
1804 – The French Senate proclaimed Napoleon Bonaparte emperor.

1898 – In Plessy v. Ferguson, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that providing “equal but separate accommodations for the white and colored races” was constitutional. This decision was not overturned until 1954 in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka.

1910 – During the approach of Halley’s comet, the Earth probably passed through part of its tail, which was millions of kilometers in length. The

1910 approach was also notable for being the first approach of which photographs exist.

1917 – Congress passed the Selective Service Act, calling up soldiers to fight World War I.

1933 – The Tennessee Valley Authority was created.

1951 – The United Nations moved out of its temporary headquarters in Lake Success, New York, to its permanent home in Manhattan.

1980 – Mount St. Helens volcano in southwestern Washington state erupted, killing 57 and devastating 210 square miles.

1994 – Israel’s three decades of occupation in the Gaza Strip ended as Israeli troops completed their withdrawal and Palestinian authorities took over.

2003 – “Les Miserables” closed on Broadway after more than 16 years and 6,680 performances.

2004 – Randy Johnson, 40, became the oldest pitcher in major league history to throw a perfect game, leading the Arizona Diamondbacks to a 2-0 win over the Atlanta Braves.

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