Reality Bites by James A. Norton

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. – Confucius

If you follow my column, then you probably think I am bi-polar because I flitter back and forth amongst a wide range of topics about a fairly narrow
range of people. It’s my prerogative – this is a rant column – but I will point out for you that a lot happens between the Mondays, so changing topics (or targets) isn’t as manic as it would seem.

Over the years, I have developed a certain style – but I disguise it as best I can with the actual message that’s built into the column. One of the constants that is obvious to most is that I like to start off by using a quote from a movie or a famous person in history. This is kind of the setup to the overall message itself, which is linked to the final line in the column.

The meaty part in the middle is what appeals to most, however, because that’s the part that is geared towards the average reader, and I always try my hardest to keep the message fun, even if I am ranting at full-tilt. This keeps me honest, to a degree – even when people who tend to believe information that has been lost in translation.

The other thing that keeps me honest is that I don’t read anything in other newspapers that pertains to anything or anyone I have any association with. That keeps me out of the drama bowl and far away from the eternal grind that is the rumor mill. It can get pretty asinine sometimes. Let me give you an example. Today, I got a Facebook message from someone, who said something to another person, who immediately called a fourth removed person to say that the second person in this chain of silliness “must be listening to that effin liar Jamie Norton.”

Although I had nothing to do with any of it, I knew that the rumor mill was already churning along, which caused me to immediately shut off Facebook and my phone and get back to work on things that matter. I left that part of my life behind four years ago, and I think it’s fairly insane for things that I have nothing to do with being associated with me. It’d be nice to be thought of once in a while by people who you don’t have contact with anymore and it would be even better to have those thoughts be nice for a change. Alas, I fear, it may never be – as long as certain individuals walk among us like Pod People. I love that movie, and I don’t care for the real life version.

I will wrap this column up by making it clear that I certainly don’t have the time nor the energy to waste on such douchebaggery. It is my wish to carry on with my own life path and not have to be drawn back in Corleone-style to the fray by the emotionally unstable and perpetually vindictive. Do everyone a favor and take stock in your own life, in the choices you have made and try not to go out like Kafka’s wet dream. Yeah, you really do need to go look that one up, dummy. #GMK

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