Ironman Pushes Limits in Somerville for Boston Marathon Victims




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By William Tauro

This past Saturday afternoon was the day that made history in Somerville by a gentleman named Jerry Bowser aka the Boston Brawler who attempted and accomplished something that no human being has ever attempted to do something like this before!

Hundreds of spectators as well as a police motorcade on police bikes and marching lined the streets of Somerville as Bowser pushed a wheelbarrow that contained a one ton weight (2,350Lbs) 900 feet, the distance of three football fields on Broadway in Ball Square Somerville.

This fundraiser was dedicated to JP and Paul Norden, two brothers from Stoneham who tragically each lost their right legs in the Boston Marathon Bombings.

JP and Paul battled through many surgeries and skin grafts this past year reconstructing their limbs and repairing severe burns, shrapnel and nerve damage.

Jerry by accomplishing this hopes to make a difference in their lives and let them know that”Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do !”

Funds raised at this event will assist with life long medical bills and long term care needs.

Jerry web site reads: “He was born to do great things! Always making a difference in people’s lives whether it was to defend the kid being bullied in school, mentoring and training clients, creating awareness through his Power Push events or working with JP & Paul Norden (which by the way, those two have forever changed his life). Jerry’s parents did an outstanding job raising a truly amazing and inspirational man!”

Jerry has completed his physical training for the event as well as with the mental preparation.

He trained endless hours physically as well as mentally by staring at a clock for 30 minutes without blinking his eyes.

He also trained himself for endurance by continuously holding a gallon of milk out in front of himself with his arms extended for 15 minutes at a time.

Those examples are just the tip of the iceberg for what Jerry really does to challenge his mind.

Watch our Video of “Ironman Jerry Bowser Boston Brawler Pushes Limits in Somerville for Boston Marathon Victims ” by William Tauro


This is the one ton weight that was picked up at Boston Bridge & Steel then delivered to Somerville then hoisted and lowered into Jerry Bowser aka the Boston Brawler’s wheelbarrow via a heavy duty crane.











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