Somerville Resident Competes in Storytelling Finals

Somerville resident Nick Pandolfo will compete in Massmouth, Inc.’s final story slam of Season V: the “Big Mouth
Off” at the Coolidge Corner Theatre on Thursday, April 24 at 7:00 PM. Top local storytellers have been selected from four prior semi-final events to go head-to-head telling their true tales.

All proceeds from the Big Mouth Off will benefit massmouth’s StoriesLive® program, which has introduced over 6,000 high school students from 15 Massachusetts high schools to the art of 21st century storytelling and awarded over $17,000 in scholarship prizes.

Here’s what Nick had to say about his story-telling experiences:

How and when you became a storyteller …
“My wife and I love attending storytelling events. When a theme came up that I had a story I had always wanted to get out into the world, I decided to tell it. This was last November.”

What you thought as you listened to stories for the first time …
“I love being transported into memorable moments of people’s lives, and to hear how they build these moments into narratives.”

How you felt before you performed for the first time …
“Super nervous. I was trying my hardest to listen to the person just before me, but I couldn’t help but find myself going over my own story in my head.”

How you feel after performing …

What being in the BMO means to you …
“I’m honored to be a part of the BMO, and happy that I get to share this story with more people. It’s an interesting experience to have something personal that means a lot to you also resonate with total strangers.”

Modeled after poetry slams, massmouth’s story slams invite storytellers—from experienced performers to first-timers—to share a real-life story in five minutes. Anyone can compete in a story slam and potentially qualify as a finalist. Storytellers sign up at these local slams, and 10 are chosen at random to tell a five-minute, real-life story inspired by that night’s theme. Volunteer judges award prizes based on a story’s narrative arc, presentation and connection to the theme.

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