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Young Arrest

On Sunday March 30th, 2014, Officer was in full uniform, assigned to Somerville marked unit West Seven. At approximately 2028 Hours I was
dispatched to Russell Rd. for the report of an assault where the victim was punched in the face by her boyfriend. Officer in West Six was also dispatched. As units were heading to Russell Rd. Somerville Control informed us that the suspect in this incident was leaving the area in a vehicle and with a dog. As I arrived on scene I saw a group on the porch of Russell Rd. and heard a commotion. As I parked my cruiser I observed a man later identified as Richard Young walking across the street and behind my cruiser. As I exited my cruiser I heard a female screaming at Mr. Young. I attempted to stop Mr. Young by verbally instructing him to do so. He ignored my commands to stop and continued to his motor vehicle, a gray 2003 Ford Escape bearing MA REG which was parked near the intersection of Russell Rd. and Ware St. Mr. Young then entered his vehicle, and I ordered him to step out. Ignoring my commands Mr. Young then started his motor vehicle. I stepped back as Mr. Young then fled the scene at a high rate of speed.

I then went back to Russell Rd. #1 to interview the victim. Victim stated that she and Mr. Young had been together as boyfriend and girlfriend for two and a half years and have been living together at Russell Rd for the past year. She stated that she and Mr. Young had an argument prior to our arrival. Victim stated that she let their dog upstairs and Mr. Young became angry and violent. Mr. Young then pushed her against the wall in their living room, causing her head to be slammed against the wall. As Mr. Young did this he screamed something to the effect of “Don’t fucking touch my dog!”.

At this point the interview was interrupted by a report that Mr. Young was back in the area. As we investigated this report we discovered Mr. Young’s motor vehicle parked on Hamilton Rd. with his and victim’s dog in the back seat. Pat’s Tow service was contacted to allow victim to retrieve her dog, and to tow Mr. Young’s vehicle as it was partially obstructing the driveway of Hamilton Rd. As we awaited the tow truck, there was another report of Mr. Young walking westbound on Powderhouse BLVD. As we made our way back to Hamilton Rd. I observed Mr. Young walking toward his motor vehicle. As I got Mr. Young’s attention he quickly fled. Mr. Young came back onto to Hamilton St. He informed me that he had the keys to his MV. At this point I immediately placed Mr. Young under arrest for the following charges:

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