Here’s What’s Cooking at Boston News Group/Metro Buzz /The Somerville News Weekly

We’re being refitted with a 2nd centrally located “News Control Room” as we take it to the next level to serve you better!

*Live camera feeds on major roads in

and around Metro Boston and Somerville to deliver you cool on scene photos and alert you on news stories as they happen*

*GPS thermal imaging satellite feeds for on-the-spot live news coverage*

*State-of-the-art Inntegrated camera systems to make you aware of major accidents and traffic advisories and where to expect delays*

Now with “News” print editions in:
Somerville Cambridge
and all of Boston!

With ten new city and town print editions expected to hit the streets by spring 2014!

“We Have an App for That!”

Also catch us live on “The Greater Somerville TV Show with Host Joe Lynch” within the next couple of weeks as myself and the three former editors of the old “Somerville News” give you a piece of the real deal and how it was and wasn’t and what happened as they talk about the “Somerville News” then and now “Somerville News Weekly” today and where it is today and how it has risen to the top of the charts with the new “Boston News Group/Metro Buzz” in the last 18 weeks?

So Tune In and don’t miss it because your jaws will hit the ground!

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