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Martinez arrest

At approximately 7:15 PM on January 28,2014 members of the Somerville Housing Authority Police Department (
Inspectors Sean Browne and Michael Cabral ) observed defendant Ricky Edwards accompanied by defendants Ronnie Mendes and Natasha Martinez in the vicinity of the Mystic River View Housing Authority Complex. This area was in close proximity to the apartment in question regarding the storage of Marijuana for distribution. The defendants were then observed entering into a 1999 Ford Escort bearing the Massachusetts registration at which time the motor vehicle was placed in gear.

Per this investigators request Inspectors Browne and Cabral effectuated a motor vehicle stop along Temple Street at the intersection of Mystic Avenue. The purpose of the motor vehicle stop was to conduct a threshold inquiry and further investigate the cooperating persons recent criminal allegations. At the time of the motor vehicle stop defendants Edwards and Mendes were observed furtively moving about the interior of the motor vehicle. Specifically defendant Mendes was observed reaching toward the right front passenger floorboard of the motor vehicle. Defendant Edwards was observed attempting to place his hands underneath clothing / articles that were positioned on the rear passenger seat of the motor vehicle.

Due to the recent information regarding the firearm allegedly in the possession of defendant Edwards and the furtive movements engaged in by defendants Edwards and Mendes the defendants were requested to exit from the motor vehicle. Upon exiting from the motor vehicle plain view observations were made by Inspector Ariel Collazo of a lethal cutting instrument ( knife ) in violation of a City of Somerville ordinance and 2 clear glassine bags containing a substance believed to be Marijuana positioned in the area of the right front passenger floor board. This is the same area in question where defendant Mendes was previously observed reaching. A search of defendant Mendes person by Inspector Kevin Shackelford revealed an additional 2 glassine bags containing a substance believed to be Marijuana. A search of defendant Edwards person revealed 4 glassine bags containing a substance believed to Marijuana and $ 1,019.00 U. S. currency. Post-Miranda defendant Edwards claimed the Marijuana was over 1 ounce ( 28 grams ) and packaged in various weights. In addition defendant Edwards claimed the currency located on his person was approximately $ 900.00 and that the cash was a birthday present recently received from his mother. When questioned why his mother would provide her homeless son a large amount of currency and not a place to reside defendant Edwards declined to elaborate.

During the course of the motor vehicle stop it was learned via the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles that defendant Natasha Martinez was presently unlicensed to operate a motor vehicle. The defendants were placed under arrest for the above offenses and transported to the Somerville Police Department Headquarters for booking and processing. Citation # R3694075 issued to defendant Natasha Martinez.

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