McDonalds Twin City Somerville, Too Loud For Comfort

By News staff

The McDonald’s fast food restaurant thats in Twin City Plaza thats located at 14 McGrath Highway is Somerville has come under some scrutiny in the past

couple of weeks with angry neighbors.

Neighbors from Cambridge and just over the line and in Somerville are complaining about loud noise and loud music during the week and especially on weekend nights due to the fact that the drive-thru window is open 24 hours.

Within the next week, neighbors and close abetters plan on lobbying Somerville Alderman and the Cambridge City councle to put strong restrictions on the McDonald’s drive-true hours so that their night owl patrons can no longer disturb the peace while people are trying to sleep at night.

Similar restrictions were placed on the same McDonald’s restaurant a few years back where alderman required that the McDonald’s chain hire police details after midnight to keep the peace

“A mandatory police detail is also one of the remedies that are presently under discussion as recommendations”
also “We need to get this done now before summer gets here and bigger parties take place!” said neighbors Karen and Max Peters who live only across that street from the fast food giant.

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