Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Velazquez arrest

On Friday, 1/24/2014, I, Officer DiFava, was operating marked cruiser 667. At approximately 2142 hrs, I was dispatched to Endicott Avenue for a
report of a Break in progress. Officer Gee along with Officer’s Monaco, Sullivan and Ameral also responded to provide backup. Somerville dispatch stated that the reporting party/victim could hear someone at her window. As I approached the rear of the home I could hear someone running through the snow. Officer’s Gee and Officer Monaco could hear a rustling sound coming from the backyard. Officer’s Gee and Monaco walked towards the noise, and with there flashlights illuminated they observed a male, Jose Velazquez attempting to jump the fence. Velazquez saw the Officer’s and climbed back down the fence. Velazquez emerged from behind the fence and Officer Gee identified himself as Somerville Police and ordered him to the ground. At this point, we assisted Velazquez to his feet and brought him to the front of the house.Officer Gee walked back into the yard of number Endicott Avenue where he found a screwdriver on the ground where Velazquez was apprehended. Officer Sullivan found a hat that was in the rear of Endicott Avenue. I spoke to the reporting party/victim, who stated that she was sleeping on her couch in her living room when she was woken by the sound of a cracking noise that was coming from her window. While she was on the phone with the Somerville Police dispatch, she could still hear the cracking sound coming from the window.

Officer’s Monaco and Sullivan checked the outside window in and found that the screen had been cut in both the lower right and left hand corners. The screen had also been pushed up a little. Victim also noticed that there were some wood shavings on her kitchen floor near her front door. She showed me the shavings and when I opened up the door, I observed pry marks to the door and frame. The screwdriver that we recovered had white paint on it that was consistent with the paint on the door.

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