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coiley arrest

On the above date, while in full uniform and assigned to marked unit E2, I was
dispatched to Beacon St for a Robbery.

Upon my arrival, I was met with the victim. The victim had been crying and informed me, that she was just robbed. The victim stated, she was to start her work day when her back backpack was taken from her by a white male.

The following are brief facts pertaining to the robbery:

The victim was crossing Somerville Ave, coming from Belmont St. As the victim was crossing Somerville Ave, there was a white male walking on the other side of the street, but the victim didn’t pay much attention to the individual. The Victim walked under the Sacramento underpass, which the victim goes under to go to work. As the victim was waiting for another employee to open the door, the same male the victim noticed on Somerville Ave, was now walking on Sacramento St across from where the victim was standing. The victim said, the white male turned right onto Beacon St but quickly, turned back around towards where the victim was standing. The white male asked the victim for the time and the victim replied, “Its 5:33” and the white male replied, “Its early”. Soon there after, the white male lunged at the victim grabbing the gray backpack she was carrying. A short struggle ensued, at that time the victim was knocked down onto the side walk, as the white male ran away with her backpack towards the Shaws parking lot. There’s only one outlet from the parking lot, which is a break on the fence that leads to Kent Ct, which leads to Kent St.

The backpack contained the victims passport, credit card, debit card and a book, “Do the best I can”. The white male was described as a tall white male (5’10’-6’0″ in height) wearing a black baseball hat, green jacket and dark color pants. The male also had a light scruff on his face. The backpack was described as a light gray North Face backpack. I informed the other responding units, of the outlet which only leads to Kent Ct and Kent St. Ofc Tyler(East1), Ofc Collette(East4) and Ofc Costa(East3) responded to Kent St/Kent Ct.

While Ofc Costa was on Kent St, a white male was smoking outside Kent St. Ofc Costa approached the male and the white male became nervous. The white male matched the description of the individual we were looking for and Ofc Costa radioed his and the location of the white male. Ofc Tyler and Ofc Collette arrived to Kent St shortly after.

After the positive identification was made, the white male was identified to be Sean Coiley and from now on, know as the suspect. The suspect was transported to Police headquarters to be booked and finger printed.

Subsequently, the suspect was charged with C265/S19 Unarmed Robbery. A quick sweep was conducted of the immediate area, but we were unable to find the back pack and the suspect wasn’t very forthcoming with any other information regarding the backpack or the location where the suspect was spending the night. Kent St is a five story, multi family apartment building.

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