Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Michaels arrest

On Saturday January 11 2014, I was assigned to marked unit E-3 along with Officer St. Hilaire. We were dispatched, along with unit E-1 and E-2, to Bow St., Community Laundry, for a fight.
Upon Arrival, we spoke with a female who identified herself as the RP. She stated that she saw a male pushing a female, inside the Community Laundry. She then pointed to an Asian female across the street, who she identified as the victim.

As made our way to the Community Laundry, we saw a female outside the location in question with a white male matching the description of the suspect. I approached the female/victim, who appeared intoxicated. victim stated that her and her boyfriend/defendant had an argument because he had called his ex-girlfriend. I asked her if there was any physical contact, but, she stated that no physical contact had occurred.

I then spoke to defendant, later identified as Mr. Charles Michaels d.o.b. 08/22/1965, about what had happened. Mr. Michaels, who also appeared intoxicated, stated that they “just had an argument” and that no physical contact had occurred.

I also spoke with witness . Witness stated that he saw Mr. Michaels “grab and push” the victim. He also stated that Mr. Michaels tried to kick the victim.

After speaking with the witness, I placed Mr. Charles Michaels under arrest and charge him with Assault and Battery C.265, S.13A.

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