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Barsotti arrest

This is a brief description of the events that took place on 01/07/2014. at approximately 10:04 PM.

On 01/07/2014 I was working in full uniform assigned to marked cruiser East 1. At approximately 10:04 PM I was dispatched along with Officer Holland to Everett Ave for an alleged domestic assault and battery. When we arrived on location Officer Holland and I were met by victim). Upon our arrival the victim led us into her apartment. As we entered the living room there was a male party sitting at a computer. He would soon be identified as Louis Barsotti and will be referred to as the defendant from this point forward.

As soon as we entered the apartment the victim and the defendant immediately started to try to talk over each other. I then took the victim into the front room of the apartment so that we would be separated from the defendant. At this time Officer Holland stayed in the living room with the defendant to gather his statement. As I was in the front room with the victim she appeared very scared and was visibly shaking. I asked her to calm down and explain what had taken place prior to our arrival. The victim began to tell me how she and her husband had gotten into an argument.The victim stated that while she was arguing with her husband , he forced her into their bedroom and cornered her.

The victim then goes on to state that as the argument went on her husband grabbed her by the neck and flung her onto their bed. the victim claims that as he was strangling her she tried to scream, but when she began to cry out the defendant reached beside them and grabbed a pillow and began to press it down over her face. Eventually she was let go and she then claims that the defendant threw a jewelry case off the wall leaving an indentation where it hit. At this point the victim states that she tried to retrieve her cell phone but the defendant snatched it from her stating ” you will pay if you tell the police!” I then left the bedroom and rejoined Officer Holland in the living room.

I then walked over to the defendant to ask him a few questions. I asked about the argument and about some of the claims that the victim made. The defendant admitted to throwing the victim on the bed but denied all other allegations. I would like to add that the victims cell phone was with the defendant at the time that I was interviewing him. after speaking about the incident a little longer I was able to determine that the defendant was the primary aggressor and placed him under arrest. the defendant was then transported to the police station by the mobile detention unit, and booked in the usual manner by LT. Mulcahy.

In closing prior to leaving the residence, Officer Holland and I advised the victim of her 209A rights.

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