Badly Decomposed Body Found in Somerville

20131222-205655.jpgBreaking News:
By William Tauro

On Sunday evening, State and local police are investigating a badly decomposed body found under route 93 in Somerville behind Super Stop & Shop at Mystic Avenue and McGrath Highway next to where salt pile is!

There is no word yet on the identification of the body nor cause of death.

Authorities are awaiting on the medical examiner’s report to determine the cause and approximate time of death.

This story is still developing…

3 thoughts on “Badly Decomposed Body Found in Somerville”

  1. I find this funny that one decomposing body makes the paper i work in funeral service and in my state we deal with these cases all the time and unlike Massachusetts where the medical examiner picks all these bodies up we do it and its gross. I think its odd that people want to see this a stuff you wouldn’t feel the same way after having someone’s skin slide off as you try to move them.

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