is presented for outstanding dedication and effort for the month of October 2013 to:

Lt. Gerald Reardon

Lt. Gerald Reardon has held many positions within the Somerville Police Department and has been a dedicated employee since joining the force back in 1978. Lt. Reardon, as the Officer in Charge of Training, has
mentored and nurtured many officers particularly new recruits coming from the Police Academy. However, what makes this award special is the course taken by Lt. Reardon to build a program from scratch that incorporates mental health training within the rank and file of the Department. Lt. Reardon, in conjunction with Ms. Patty Contente, started with nothing more than an idea and less than two years later, the Somerville Police Mental Health program has been recognized as one of the leading programs in the State. Lt. Reardon has been asked to facilitate programs for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and this involvement paved the way for the Somerville Police Department to be awarded a grant for a Mental Health Jail Diversion program. The Department is proud to announce that both Lt. Reardon and Ms. Patty Contente were selected last month for the 2013 NAMI Jail Diversion Award recipients. The dedication to duty and the ability to spearhead new initiatives, which make a difference in both the community and Police Department, makes Lt. Reardon most deserving of the Beyond the Call of Duty Award.
Thomas Pasquarello, Chief of Police

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