This Is Why William Tauro Should Be Elected Mayor

All that I ask is the chance to prove myself for the melioration and advancement of Somerville and it’s residents.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Billy Tauro

I am here to ask you for your vote to allow me the opportunity to serve, as your next Mayor

Lets face facts,

This city has not moved forward under the current Administration to serve the people.

Our infrastructue is crumbling around us most especially within the schools that educate our young children.

The streets are in utter disrepair, and development is in disarray.

The infestation problems are not going away

Even the new bicycle lanes are not properly planned out for safe travel and sidewalks are a joke.

Rents are out of control and homeowner taxes are overcharged

Our Veterans and Elder care have been continuously ignored

Crime is still on the rise with no end in sight and safety parameters need to be set in place now!

Many answers to these very issues have been provided by the citizens but have fallen upon deaf ears and closed minds.

Now is the time to bring individuals and the groups they represent, together, to work toward common goals and unify the city for everyone to enjoy

My promise to you, will be to address these problematic issues and create positive results, within the first 100 days in office

Currently, I have an assembled task force of my own, ready, to tackle and solve many of the real problems we face within the community. They consist of people with the valuable knowledge, the energy, and vast experience in the inner workings of Somerville and I am very confident in their abilities.

I also intend to immediately establish a coalition representing the smaller groups in our community to allow them a voice. This will create an open dialogue, so that they may express their concerns, and, provide input for a better understanding of our neighborhoods. I will meet monthly with two to three representatives from each group to work with them and their concerns.

My policies can be viewed by logging on to

Or, you can seek out the free Somerville News Weekly newspaper for those without internet access.

Viewing these should provide you with a more detailed understanding of my policies and what I represent.
Or if you have further questions, feel free to reach me directly by calling @617 293 2016 @ my personal number. And I always respond to my calls.

Once elected into office, I will greet all of my constituents with an open door.
In fact, I will remove the office door right off the hinges on my first day in office so that you can feel more comfortable and welcome to speak directly to me about your concerns.

My goal is to work together, creating a new chapter for a better future for Somerville.

In closing,

I ask you the voter to have faith and confidence in casting your vote for me William B. Tauro, for Mayor in our upcoming November 7th election.
Thank you for your time, confidence, and support. I look forward to serving you all!

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