Man Arrested with a Box Cutter Outside Kids Event at East Somerville Library

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

I’m an East Somerville resident sharing this with you because the city is playing down what happened. Look at the arrest details below – 7/21 at 3:58pm, there was a fight at 115 Broadway.

That’s the East Somerville Library, and they had a kids’ event outside. I attached a screenshot of the event – Peacemaking.

Can you share this information on your blog? I only heard it when I looked up the address and went to the library.

An East Somerville resident

One thought on “Man Arrested with a Box Cutter Outside Kids Event at East Somerville Library”

  1. Ask the Councilors and Mayoral candidates about crime in the city when they come knocking on your door. They dance around it. The average citizen does not know most of what goes on to save face for development, image and politics.

    Fill out the happy survey a friggin waste of time they just use that info to gear their politics to it and satisfy the residents as needed.

    If you are a real politician that cares you know the needs of your constituents. How you take their calls, answer their emails and engage yourself in the community not refer you to 311.

    I personally questioned a candidate last election about the shootings that are hush hush in the city that candidate did not want to discuss it. However was willing to talk about issues that do not really exist like promoted by them.

    Living in Somerville pretty much my entire life there is not a big hate problem here. Are there angry, insensitive and sometimes stupid people that say or do stupid things YES .

    They do not solve problems they avoid them until something serious happens. The story mentioned above is a perfect example. They do not enforce laws as written they allow drugs, alcohol, guns and criminals to rule the streets in our once fine city.

    Speak up Somerville new, old and transient because you or a loved one could be the next victim of the dismissive so called politicians.

    The city buildings are run down, streets, curb cuts and sidewalk unsafe. Parking being taken away for healthy predominantly white cyclist instead of caring about elderly, persons with disabilities and businesses.
    ALL WHILE TAXES, WATER/SEWER, and other fees continue to increase all while they rake in new development revenue no savings to the property owners or renters.

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