Nothing Like Hurting More Businesses in Somerville

By William Tauro

This business pictured here is located on Mystic Avenue in Somerville. It is a small mechanic shop and has been there for years. It’s located adjacent to the Route 93 wall that is located next to the Home Depot on Mystic Avenue in Somerville.

They depend on small auto and truck repairs to stay in business. Most times cars as well as trucks have to be towed in there with flatbeds or larger tow trucks. 

The City of Somerville recently installed this pole right next to their driveway’s edge. How do they think a tow truck is able to back in without tying up traffic for quite a while, and possibly damaging vehicles? It definitely looks like they want to hurt and frustrate businesses owners in the city deliberately.

When you least expect things can’t go more bazaar in Somerville, you’re wrong because these careless mishaps trickle down from the top down just about everyday in this city. It’s the small senseless things like this that do the most harm to local businesses.

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