Somerville Costing Taxpayers Millions By Not Following “Measure Twice Cut Once Rule”

By William Tauro

You just got to love Somerville’s project managers or maybe not? This intersection located at Somerville Avenue at Medford Street in Somerville had just laid the new hardtop on Somerville Avenue by John’s Auto Sales and the Target department store only about a week or so ago. We all thought it was the finished product after two long years. But no, not so fast, today, they are again tearing it up again…tax dollars at work. Barletta is the contractor…not sure why?

The sad part about this is that the taxpayers are hoofing the bill again over and over and over. Why don’t we hold our project managers accountable for stupidity like this? Why don’t we hold their supervisors accountable for stupidity like this? Why don’t we hold our elected officials accountable for stupidity like this? Great questions, but they just don’t. They just keep doing it over and over at our expense. It sadly even appears that there is no one at the helm. Fiscal mismanagement at its best!

“Opps, They Did it Again”( is what the song says) As if they didn’t torture these businesses enough over the past 2-1/2 years……Dig it up and start over again!

Hopefully the residents and taxpayers of Somerville will wake up and finally realize the incompetency of what’s going on (Taxpayer’s Cash Frenzy) up at City Hall and do something about it this coming November.

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