Letter for the Editor:Murder In Somerville, City Not Notifying Anyone

By William Tauro

Murder In Somerville

I am totally appalled that this past Sunday night there was a murder at 10:00PM at 157 Summer Street in Somerville and nobody in city hall had the decency to send out a Robo phone blast, and email blast or report it to the news stations to notify residents in the city of what transpired! Today, Tuesday morning and still no notification to the city residents!

Our leaders up at city hall are Shameful! This is very concerning! Our leaders try to hide crime and police

reports to make Somerville appear to be a Mayberry RFD, which is definitely not  the case here but just to satisfy  their developers property sale prices ! Or maybe because our mayor Katjiana has a fundraiser tomorrow night at the Burren with the governor, maybe she’s embarrassed of what happened?  PLEASE SHARE

3 thoughts on “Letter for the Editor:Murder In Somerville, City Not Notifying Anyone”

  1. A robo call was completely unnecessary in this case and your overreaction is probably the exact reason it wasn’t used in this instance. There wasn’t a dangerous murderer running from the police that the community needed to know about.

  2. I’m going to assume it was an isolated incident, and that the suspect is known. I’m also going to guess that they needed more information on this person before they could do anything. Which this article may have blown for them. I know you’re out to bash the mayor because well I don’t blame you, but you are making the spd look bad and potentially ruining this case for them.

  3. Why on earth would the city send out a robocall unless the murderer was on the lam? A huge percentage of murders are not done by strangers, they are family or friends. What would the purpose of a robocall have been? To scare everyone unnecessarily?

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