Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (OUI Liquor, Negligent Operation, Leave Scene of Property Damage)Arrest

On March 24, 2023, I was in full uniform working for the Somerville Police Department, assigned to marked unit West-6. At approximately 23:16 HRS, I Officer Ferrara, West-7 (Officer Scrugli), West 5 (Officer Desrochers), and East 4 (Officer Fusco) were dispatched to 101 Willow Ave for a hit and run.

Somerville Police Control relayed to the responding units that a possible gray in color motor vehicle struck two parked cars, left the scene, and turned left onto Highland Ave. Somerville Police Control stated that the vehicle had a flat tire and heavy front-end damage.

Officer Fusco advised that he had stopped the vehicle matching the description in front of 326 Highland Ave.

Officer Fusco stated that when he arrived, he heard a car driving down Highland Avenue and then saw a purple motor vehicle matching the description with heavy front-end damage and a flat tire. He then activated his emergency equipment and stopped a Honda CRV with Massachusetts registration XXXX. Officer Fusco asked the driver, Halle ARNOLD, to step out of the vehicle.

I then arrived on scene and spoke to ARNOLD. I asked ARNOLD if she would like medical attention, which she declined.I asked ARNOLD where she was coming from, and she stated that she was coming from a Mexican restaurant in Davis Square but could not remember the name. As I was speaking to ARNOLD she was unsteady on her feet, had bloodshot eyes, and had the odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her person. I asked ARNOLD if she consumed any alcoholic beverages, and she stated that she had one margarita at the Mexican restaurant. I asked ARNOLD if she had eaten anything today. ARNOLD stated that she had eaten a taco at the restaurant and that she had eaten breakfast and lunch today. I asked ARNOLD if she had taken anything else today. ARNOLD then stated that she drank two margaritas but did not take any drugs. I asked ARNOLD if she was prescribed any medication, and she stated that she was only prescribed birth control by her doctor. When I asked ARNOLD about the damage to the vehicle she was driving, she stated that she had no idea how it had been damaged.

I then asked ARNOLD a second time if she required medical attention, which she again declined. I asked ARNOLD to perform SFSTs, which she declined.

I placed ARNOLD under arrest for the following:

(90/24/J) OUI LIQUOR c.90 S24

Officer Scrugli spoke with the passenger, XXXX. XXXX told Officer Scrugli that they were coming from the Painted Burro in Davis Square. XXXX was also offered medical attention, which she declined.

ARNOLD’s vehicle was towed from the scene by PATs Towing.

During the booking process, Lt. Fusco advised ARNOLD of her rights and asked her to submit to a chemical test of her breath, to which she agreed. Officer S. Costa administered the test to ARNOLD, who had a BAC of 0.19%.

I issued citation #T3006549 to ARNOLD and placed it with her property along with a notice of suspension for a chemical test failure.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Gianna Ferrara #366
Somerville Police Dept.

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