Letter from the Editor: Jake Wilson Somerville City Counselor at Large Posts Delusional Posting Online

By William Tauro

Is this guy serious? Totally different circumstances one was wielding a machete , no? When do the lives of police officers start to mean anything to elected officials?

Running from police? Or running toward with a machete?

It’s sickening that an elected official would put two totally different scenarios in the same sentence such as this to virtue signal for himself.

Posting below made by Jake Wilson Somerville City Counselor at Large:

“We’re reeling from recent high-profile police killings nationally with the murder of Tyre Nichols by the Memphis Police Department and locally with the death of Somerville High alum Arif Sayed Faisal at the hands of the Cambridge Police Department. While there are clear differences between these two incidents, the common thread is that both were killed after running from the police. And we need to accept the reality that every time someone dies like this, it increases the chances of others running from the police out of fear for their lives.”

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