Somerville Residents Fighting To Save Bus Routes

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Thank you to the residents of Clarendon Hill Towers for your invite tonight to address the problems with the city and especially with the MBTA canceling multiple bus routes throughout the city! The worst part is that the city officials are allowing it to happen because they don’t care.

If this is not addressed ASAP, soon you will now have to take two or three buses to get to your destination, how fair is that? We will fight back and we will prevail, because our elect officials have already have their minds made up to screw the residents of Somerville. They could’ve at least run ads and/or notified all the residents of Somerville by email or letters instead of just putting copies of 8 1/2 x 11 flyers on bus stop benches that nobody can read.

First they took away our parking spaces, now they’re taking away the bus routes! Instead of making things better for the people, they are making it worse! It’s time for residents to speakup! It’s time for change!

For the next few weeks we will be posting it online and we will be using the power of the press, the Somerville/Medford News Weekly to circulate a petition to stop this nonsense. When you see it online please print it out and sign it and/or if you see it in the paper please print it out and sign it thank you.

Billy Tauro

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