Somerville-Help Care for Young and Newly Planted Trees

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Have you seen a new street tree in your neighborhood? Consider joining the Adopt-A-Tree program to help it get settled in Somerville. Name it, water it, love it, and even receive an adoption certificate.

Young and newly planted trees need extra care and consideration to help ensure their establishment and future success. Watering is especially important — young trees need 15 to 20 gallons of water each week between May and October, and even more during hot summer months.

When you adopt a tree, you commit to watering and tending to the tree of your choice. The City of Somerville’s Urban Forestry Committee will email you care instructions and reminders. They can also train you to monitor insects that visit the tree.

Sign up to adopt a tree here, or look for colorful “Adopt me!” tags on newly planted trees in your neighborhood and scan the QR code on the tag.

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