Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (A&B Public Employee, Disorderly, Deface Property, Assault, Resisting Arrest)

The following is a summary of the details related to this incident.

On Sunday, May 15, 2022, I, Officer David Ruf, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked cruiser East-1, for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 12:16 A.M., Officer P. Canty (East-4) and I were dispatched to the area of Artisan Way and Grand Union Blvd for a drunk male. It should be noted that Officers Pasqualino and Lorenti (Sector East) dealt with this same party a short time earlier (#22026794)

Upon arrival in the area, Assembly row security informed officers that there was one party checking door handles in the parking lot and the drunk male party, later identified as Paulo DEANDRADE, fled into the parking garage. While speaking with security, an unknown female yelled down from the first floor of the parking garage stating that there was a male party on the ground possibly not breathing. I made my way into the garage and came upon this small group of females tending to this male party, I was able to gather that this was the same male party that fled into the garage. I exited my cruiser and attempted to render aide. I gave a brief sternum rub to DEANDRADE and he quickly came too. This was the second call for DEANDRADE in a short amount of time and due to his intoxicated state I was placing him in protective custody. When I informed DEANDRADE that these were the actions that I was going to take, he started to become belligerent and yell at the very women that attempted to help him moments prior. DEANDRADE then attempted to flee and I was able to place him into handcuffs.

While sitting on the floor of the parking garage DEANDRADE kept up with his belligerent behavior to the bystanders that attempted to help him originally and too new people that had entered the garage and had observed his behavior. DEANDRADE was escorted down stairs so that Somerville Fire and Cataldo ambulance could evaluate him. I informed DEANDRADE that he had to get into the back of the ambulance and when I walked him over to the side door, he immediately became hostile and refused to get into the ambulance. He resisted my efforts of escorting him inside by planting his feet firmly in the ground. He kept stating that he doesn’t have insurance and that he can’t afford the “three stacks” that an ambulance ride and hospital visit would cost. We informed him numerous times that if he didn’t go into the ambulance that he was going to be placed into protective custody at the station. I attempted to transmit several times and he would keep screaming and causing a scene that I would have to attempt it over again.

At this point I requested the wagon to respond to our location. While waiting outside the parking garage elevator and stairs entrance, DEANDRADE kept up with his tumultuous behavior by screaming profanities at officers. He then made statements that he was going to spit on Officer P. Canty and made the motion several times before he actually spit in his direction landing at his feet. I then escorted DEANDRADE away from Officer P. Canty and had him lean up against a cruiser that he couldn’t continue his assaultive behavior any further. While I had him against the cruiser, he continued his behavior and numerous people that had just left the AMC theaters walking on the sidewalk stopped to observe what was going on, along with people that were leaving the parking garage as well.

DEANDRADE also complained of his handcuffs being too tight and that his wrists were hurting. I attempted to readjust his handcuffs for him but due to his behavior I was unable to do it in the timely manner that DEANDRADE wished. They were finally adjusted properly, but he still continued to complain and he continued his belligerent behavior.

Officer D. Lambert arrived in #200. Officer Prophete and I escorted him over to the back of the wagon so Officer D. Lambert could search him prior to entering the back of the wagon. While this was going on he kept up with his same behavior, yelling at officers and screaming profanities as well. Once Officer D. Lambert was done with his search of DEANDRADE he was informed that he needed to step up on the rear step and to watch his head. DEANDRADE refused to get into the back of the wagon and at one point he put his knee against the other door as to block any movement of getting him inside. Officer Prophete then hopped inside the back of the wagon and along with Officer D. Lambert they were able to get him inside.

Once outside the wagon, I observed a red mark over Officer Prophete’s right eye. She stated while inside the back of the wagon, DEANDRADE head butted her while she was trying to get him secured. Officer Prophete refused any medical attention and a photo of her injury will be attached to this report.

After DEANDRADE left in #200, security informed me that just prior to calling 911 earlier, DEANDRADE pushed and then kicked over a signed that was bolted down to the brick sidewalk. Doing so, he damaged the sign and the sidewalk.

DEANDRADE was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters via #200 operated by Officer D. Lambert. Once DEANDRADE arrived back at headquarters, he was asleep in the back of the wagon. Lt. Capasso requested Cataldo ambulance to the station (#22026810) to evaluate DEANDRADE, but prior to them arriving he woke up and became violent once again. At the time of writing this report, DEANDRADE still hasn’t been properly booked because each time that was attempted he was to violent.

Once DEANDRADE is able to be booked, he will be charged with the following;

M.G.L c265 / §13A ASSAULT (OFC P. CANTY)

Respectfully submitted,
Officer David Ruf #334
Somerville Police Department

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