By Bob Katzen

The Revenue Committee will hold a virtual hearing on January 4, 2022 on a proposal that would provide taxpayers with a tax credit of $100 if the filer has received the COVID-19 vaccinations and includes proof with his or her tax return.

“To successfully combat the COVID-19 virus, we should use a range of tools to reach the highest possible level of vaccination, in our population, recognizing the distinct economic value of doing so,” said sponsor Vince Dixon, a private citizen who sponsored the bill through Rep. Michael Day
(D-Stoneham). “A vaccination tax credit specifically offers an economic incentive to individuals who go to the effort of receiving vaccinations — in effect, sharing the important economic value of such actions. In doing so, it will likely improve, even further, the respect for the value of safe and approved vaccinations.”

Dixon is a constituent of Rep. Day who filed the bill at the request of Dixon. Massachusetts is one of a handful of states that give citizens the “right of free petition”—the power to propose their own legislation. A citizen’s proposal must be filed in conjunction with his or her representative or senator or any other representative or senator. Sometimes a legislator will support the legislation and will sponsor it along with the constituent. Other times, a legislator might disagree with the bill or be undecided about the measure but will file it anyway as a courtesy. In those cases, the bill is listed as being filed “by request”—indicating that the legislator is doing so at the request of the constituent and does not necessarily support it.

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