Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Christopher CEBULA (Trafficking Methamphetamine)

On the above date and time, Officers Moreira, Reece, and I were dispatched to 422 McGrath Highway for a dispute involving a firearm. Officer Moreira and Lorenti arrived on scene first. Upon my arrival,

I observed Officer Moreira with XXXX, and Officer Lorenti with the defendant, Christopher Cebula. Note: Both XXXX and Cebula were pat frisked for weapons with negative results. I spoke with XXXX first. XXXX stated that he has helped Cebula with housing and employment on numerous occasions, and that Cebula owed him some money which happened to be the catalyst of the argument.

After finishing my interaction with XXXX, I approached Officer Lorenti and Cebula. Officer Lorenti informed me that while he was conversing with Cebula, Cebula made three attempts to reach for a hand bag that was next to him. Officer Lorenti at that moment was concerned that there may be a weapon hidden in the hand bag. Officer Lorenti opened the hand bag and observed two clear plastic bags containing what appeared to be crystallized Methamphetamine, five clear glass pipes, and a small grey bag containing unknown liquids. Cebula was then placed under arrest for the above charges, and transported to the Somerville Police Station where he was booked and processed in the usual manner. I then canvassed the area along with the other officers on scene to attempt to locate the alleged firearm. After numerous minutes of searching, we were unsuccessful in locating a firearm.

Note: Detective Cicerone field tested the substance in the clear bags and it tested positive for Methamphetamine. Detective Cicerone also weighed the Methamphetamine with the packaging, and it had a total weight of approximately twenty-five grams.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Eduardo Soares
Badge #272

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