Longtime Somerville Fire Station/Election Polling Location Suddenly Closes

By William Tauro

Just to let the voters of Somerville know that Somerville Fire Department Engine 7 that’s located at 269 Highland Ave, Somerville is closed for 4 months for American Disabilities Act (ADA) upgrades.

This location has also served as a Somerville Election polling place location during every Somerville election for decades and now all of a sudden they were not up to date?

Isn’t it amazing that they decide to do this renovation just one week before the election?

It’s time for change in Somerville! Write-in “William Tauro” 333 Great River Road for Mayor of Somerville on November 2nd!
Together we will take back Somerville!

One thought on “Longtime Somerville Fire Station/Election Polling Location Suddenly Closes”

  1. Bill, Why would it need to be ADA acceptable. If you’re disabled, how can you be a firefighter? They must stay up all night at city hall thinking of these things!

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