The 7:30PM Somerville Election Night Late Voting System Fraud Scheme

By William Tauro

We were recently approached by several Somerville employees and residents who in the past have witnessed some very shocking events that occurred multiple times at the Somerville Elections Department. These individuals that decided to come forward have now have changed their minds in keeping quiet and are joining us in exposing and fighting Somerville’s corrupt election system.

It has been described to us that during past elections at about 7:30 PM on past election nights, it has been common practice for Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone’s and Somerville Election Commissioner Nicholas Salerno’s minions to carryout some dirty deeds under their orders which involved voting in other people’s names. The described scheme would entail that at 7:30 PM on election night, the Somerville Election Department perpetrators would scroll down the voter list to see who didn’t vote as of yet and then cast a ballot in their names.

If you really think about it, the ballots are not numbered, nor marked and there is no name on the ballot but just a simple check mark on it signifying if they voted or not. It’s actually pretty simple to carry out this scheme and it has been pretty easily done in Somerville for years. Ask yourself this simple question, “When was the last time that you checked to see if you voted in past elections?” Answer: “Never!” Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Somerville!

So with all that said, please check your voter registration rolls before and after you vote to make sure someone didn’t already vote in your name. If you see something say something and/or please feel free to call the federal authorities or you can call me at 617-293-2016.

The only remedy to save Somerville from further political destruction is to Please Write-in “William Tauro” 333 Great River Road on the balllot and fill in the circle. Together we can do this and I will not let you down!

I’m the only NON SOCIALIST in the race and your best choice for common sense leadership!

So please remember to call, email, text and tell all your relatives, friends and neighbors that live in Somerville to please write in “William Tauro” 333 Great River Road, especially now that early absentee ballots have arrived in your mailboxes and the November 2nd Election is just around the corner.

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