Update on Renovations at Medford Fire Stations

Beginning in February 2021, the City has been conducting upgrades and repairs at all of Medford’s fire stations. In July, we issued a Request for Qualifications to begin the process of design feasibility for a new or renovated Headquarters. Last week, contractors began a roof replacement project at Engine 6 on Ames St., which marks the latest in a series of ongoing renovations.

To date, work in progress or already completed includes:

An evaluation committee is currently reviewing responses to the RFQ for an Owners Project Manager (OPM) for Fire Headquarters. An OPM is expected to be hired in September.
Roof renovations at Engine 6 are currently underway. (Photos attached)
Design for roof renovations at Engines 4 and 5 are nearly complete, and bids will be solicited in the coming weeks. We applied for Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds for the Engine 4 roof renovation, while Engine 5 roof renovation will be funded through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.
Structural analysis of the Engine 3 Apparatus Bay Floor is almost complete, and bids will be solicited in the coming weeks. We applied for CPA funds for this project.
Kitchen Renovations at Engines 2 & 5 have been contracted, and cabinetry has been ordered.
Replacement of light fixtures with LED light fixtures at Engines 2-5 are currently being scheduled.
Replacing electrical outlets at Engines 2-6.
Repairing or replacing overhead doors at Engines 2-6.
Installation of water re-circulator at Engine 6.
Repairing or replacing window shades.
We are in the early planning stages for a window replacement project at Engines 2-6.

Medford city services are available to all residents, regardless of economic situation, immigration status, ability, benefit eligibility, or religious affiliation.

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