Send Mayor Joe and his cronies packing on Tuesday Sept 14th once and for all! Elect William “Billy” Tauro Mayor of Somerville

By William Tauro

Crooked Mayor Joe Curtatone is at his tricks again and now trying to throw this lovely lady Mary Cassesso into the race as a political prop to split my votes. Mary is married to this crud circled in the photo and his name is Peter Miller.

Peter Miller is the developer who has assisted his partners Joe Curtatone, fired political hack Ron Bonney and their corrupt former attorney/ Somerville Alderman/Sean O’donovan in their secret development company called Black Horse Development in extorting multiple family homes into eminent domain properties with the city including the Ball Square Bowling Alley.

Mary’s hubby Peter Miller is also named as a developer who is ready to purchase the current Somerville Police Public safety building/Somerville Police Station once the new public safety building/Somerville Police Station is built. It’s the best kept secret in town, but I am the best investigative reporter in town, so don’t be fooled!

Do we really want Mary Cassesso to be our next mayor who will assist and cherry pick selected Somerville properties for her hubby Peter Miller and our former crooked Mayor Joe Curtatone in acquiring these properties for their own personal gain?

If I’m wrong, let them sue me for slander, but I doubt it very much they will even try!

It’s time for change! #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

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