Answering the question that I was asked by the Somerville Wire on “How do you feel about rent control?”

I am not for rent control, but instead I am for making proper assessments!

Let me begin by stating that I was very disappointed that the two current Councilors Ballentine and Mbah voted to downsize the availability of low income housing from 20 percent down to 12 percent and were not called out on it.

I believe that a number of factors has contributed to this disappointing rental
issue. The overdevelopment, high taxes, and overcharging of permits has had major ramifications to renters desiring to occupy an apartment within the city limits within their budgets.
Identifying the problem is only part of the solution. I intend on increasing the low income developments to include a 25 percent cap. I will revamp the ISD to be more user friendly, and lower fees for homeowner projects. I will readdress and inspect the tax rates for sewer and water taxes assessments of the correct fees. With these actions a domino effect may be more appealing to homeowners. As a result of easing off the pressures of financial burdens, this may influence lowering of the rates. It should open up the door for low income citizens to rent a more affordable residence. I will push for more affordable rentals by appealing to the common sense of financial strangling, and with hope, the rental market will be made more affordable for all.

William Tauro

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