By William Tauro

Since 2016 I’ve been writing about this and placing it directly under the noses of the residents and taxpayer’s of Somerville and here it is again as a strong reminder.

Mayor Joe Curtatone and Developer Peter Miller (aka Mary Cassesso’s husband) founder of Darkhorse Capital Partners with the help of former Alderman/Attorney Sean O’donovan have reaped the fruits of Somerville for years. They got away with these exclusive back door deals on the Somerville taxpayer’s expense with their illegal eminent domain takings and back door deals for their own personal gain. One of the more high profile thievery’s of this politically connected corrupt group was the illegal eminent domain taking of the historic Ball Square Bowling Alley which is presently in court as we speak under investigation. They all became millionaires off our backs, the Somerville taxpayer’s.

Under Mary Cassesso‘s watch at Cambridge Health Alliance she was also instrumental in the Somerville hospital closure of their emergency room department now making way for a new development opportunity for certain developers which I’m sure her husband will have his hands in it without a doubt. She didn’t look out for the best interest of the community nor the patients. She looked out for the best interest of her husband Peter Miller and his business partners soon to be former Mayor Joe Curtatone and former Somerville Alderman/Attorney Sean O’donovan.

Mary’s husband is presently named as a possible developer/buyer of the Somerville Police Station Public Safety Building that’s located at 220 Washington Street once a new Public Safety Building is built at Cobble Hill, how nice.

Another one of Curtatone’s puppets is city councilor Katjana Ballantyne. Katjana’s husband Richard Nilsson who is the founder of Nilsson Architects. Nilsson is also a developer who has also benefited the fruits of Somerville’s wealth over the past several years for his own personal gain while his wife was in office and got whatever he wanted at the taxpayer’s expense as well. It’s all public record just look back on the zoning board records and videotaped meetings and cross reference Nilsson’s‘s dealings because he’s Katjana’s husband and not to mention that Katjana was the president of the city Council at the time as well as a sitting Ward 7 Councilwoman.

Most recently Nilsson tried to extort a family on Somerville Avenue out of a $6.5 million property transaction which. Nilsson approached the family and stressed that his wife would be the next mayor of Somerville and he wanted the family to sell him the property and for the family to finance the deal as well. Nilsson also stated to the family that “My wife will be the next Mayor Somerville and I can guarantee that your property won’t get down zoned if this deal goes through.”

After careful consideration and weighing the repercussions if they refused, the family decided that they didn’t want to any dealings with Nilsson. Shortly after that Nilsson’s threat was executed and the property was down illegally downzoned. Nilsson’s personal signature is on that contract with his proposal and was turned into evidence and reported with to the office of the Massachusetts Inspecter General and Department of Justice.

Do you really want a soon-to-be former mayor Joe Curtatone, former Somerville Alderman/Attorrney Sean O’Donovan and Mary’s Husband Developer Peter Miller still controlling a Mary Cassesso adminerstration for their own personal gain again and continuing to profit off of Somerville taxpayers? I know I sure don’t, and neither do you!

This year’s upcoming election with a primary taking place on September 14th and a general election on November 2nd are the two most important elections in the history of this city.

Voters of Somerville have to come out and take control of their city and grab the bull by the horn‘s and vote as if their lives depend on it because it certainly does!

If what I have written is untrue, then why haven’t they sued me for slander over the years? The answer to that is because they know it’s the truth and they don’t want to be put on the witness stand and open Pandora’s box. It’s also the very reason why Joe Curtatone decided not to run for re-election against me.

To refresh and enhance your memories a little further, I have attached links that I had posted over the stretch of their reign of corruption that have led up to this article and where we are today. I hope it sinks in.


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