The Somerville Silent Breakup

By Riane Scirocco

After the Current Administration has been analyzing the three opponents thrown into the Mayoral race to challenge the very popular choice William Billy Tauro, the process of weeding out the selection has begun. First on the chopping block has been whispered to be Mary Cassesso, a latecomer into the list of challengers to the open seat for Mayor of Somerville.

It has been publically mentioned that Joe Curtatone has demonstrated as pulling away from her campaign. His public phone survey has clearly demonstrated that she had no ability or grounds to compete against the popular Billy Tauro. As Mary Cassesso has worked for the city and in private businesses, she doesn’t possess the confidence of the public. Asked on the move, Billy Tauro was quoted as stating” Typical Joe and his corrupt moves. He made a sorry attempt to split the vote in September but I urge all who are serious about Somerville’s future to vote Billy Tauro on September 14th”. We shall see in the coming weeks who Joe decides to back to try and save his future development interests.

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