Somerville Sidewalks The Worst In The State

By Arthur Moore

So many times my elderly parents fell down due to the sidewalks around me being crappy. One elderly lady had fallen and had to be rushed to the hospital, her husband too.

Elderly get the short end as we have people in charge wasting money providing bike lanes for agile people while screwing over the long term residents. Money wasted on plastic poles from a city that is banning plastic. How about all the money wasted to paint the streets that are becoming totally useless. I came home Sunday from major surgery and once in Somerville had to endure the holes and bumps. It hurt like hell. But there is no way to get to my house on a decent road in Somerville as we do not have one. Not to mention the fact I had to change to big suvs now due to the lack of road repair here. No more little gas saving cars for me. Now as I am trying for my long time recovery I now have no place where I live that I can walk safely. Somehow I have to get someone to help me in my big suv and go somewhere where I can go walking. Sure is not going to be in this hell hole of a city. And I dread going back to the doctors until I heal as once again it is the ultimate flintstone ride. Do I expect anything to actually happen? No!. With Joe in charge and people like Brad Rawson in charge of the streets forget it. And you certainly are not going to hear a peep from the council. Got there heads buried in the sand. Heck the one we are stuck with in ward four refuses to speak up for the people of ward four. Slummerville was way better than this.

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