Medford Police Officers Help Resident Deliver Baby at Home

In a year filled with lots of difficult and somber news, we wanted to share with you a lighthearted story about 3 Medford Police officers and a brand new baby, who entered the world in grand fashion!

Late last month, we received a note from a Medford resident wanting to thank 3 of our officers for their kindness and action during a quick labor at her home. Last week, baby Riley and her family met up with those officers, Chief of Police Jack Buckley, and Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn to formally thank the officers. If you have any questions or would like any additional information please let me know. Attached are some photos of the Qin-Gao family meeting the officers and the Mayor.

Meet one of Medford’s newest residents: Riley Gao! Riley arrived in grand fashion on October 8, 2020, thanks to the help of three Medford Police Officers.

Early that morning, Riley’s mother, Nan Qin, awoke at home and quickly knew she would not be able to make it to the hospital before her baby arrived. After calling 911, three Medford Police officers arrived within a matter of minutes and were able to assist Nan with a safe delivery of her healthy daughter. Nan noted, “Despite the fact they are not medical professionals, they were able to calmly guide me through the labor process which helped my baby girl arrive in this world safely. They were knowledgeable and guided me through this process, and I wanted to show my appreciation and gratitude.”

Thank you to Officers Bruno, Franzese, and Nestor, and congratulations to the Qin-Gao family! Welcome to Medford, Riley!

Last week, Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn and Chief of Police Jack Buckley joined Nan and her family – husband Bowen Gao, son Ian, and new daughter Riley – to thank Officers Dean Bruno, Matthew Nestor, and Benjamin Franzese for their quick thinking and quick action to help Nan during an emergency situation. Mayor Lungo-Koehn presented each officer with official citations for their actions, and the Mayor and police department presented Riley with one-of-a-kind Medford onesies.

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