Mike Eruzione Endorses Caroline Colarusso For Congress

Mike Eruzione Endorses Caroline Colarusso

Winthrop, MA….. Captain of the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” USA Men’s Hockey Team and Gold Medal Winner Mike Eruzione announced today his endorsement of Stoneham Selectwoman Caroline Colarusso Republican running for Congress in Massachusetts’ 5th District.

During a video announcement posted on Facebook Eruzione reflected how: “In 1980 nobody gave the USA Hockey Team a chance of winning an Olympic gold medal. We called it a miracle, but it wasn’t a miracle it was an accomplishment by a group of athletes that believed in ourselves and believed in each other, and I believe in this young lady right here.” Eruzione went on to urge voters to “support Caroline because we all want her vote (in Congress) and we want another miracle too.”

“This endorsement is the thrill of a lifetime,” said Colarusso. “Mike Eruzione and the USA team captured the heart of our nation in 1980 scoring the goal that sparked Team USA to beat the Soviet Union Hockey Team and go on to win the Gold Medal. It was exactly what our country needed at a time of national malaise. Our hostages had been taken and we could not get them back. It was a low point for American self esteem. The USA Hockey Team win was symbolic to so many who saw it as freedom versus communism and freedom won.”

“Everyone was proud to be an American and especially those of us from Massachusetts where Eruzione and many of his teammates were from. I am grateful for Mike’s confidence in me and humbled by his endorsement. My entire family and I are huge Eruzione fans, we love ice hockey, the Olympics, and America. We are all from Boston and we vividly remember the “Miracle on Ice” game when Eruzione scored and the crowd erupted and it lifted our country. ”

Colarusso in her closing remarks during her debate with her opponent Katherine Clark highlighted her race for Congress to that of the 1980 underdog USA Hockey Team. She stated how she felt when she visited the Herb Brooks Arena in Lake Placid and how as a hockey player she couldn’t wait for her coach to put her in the game at crunch time. Colarusso equates this moment in time as equally crucial. Colarusso goes on to compare her race for Congress where she is considered an underdog with that of the USA Team against the heavily favored Soviet Union. Colarusso described the determination and drive of a Winthrop boy named Mike (Eruzione) when he scored the historic goal to carry his team to victory and how “we all bursted with American pride.”

Colarusso is asking voters to put their faith in her not on the ice but in the halls of Congress. “In 1980 the USA Team were huge underdogs, the Soviet Union was supposed to win. But they worked hard, competed and overcame all the odds, and they won. They later went on to take the Gold.” Colarusso continued to say, “America is making our biggest comeback; patriotism is on the rise and our economy is rebounding. I pledge to work for you, your children, and your families in Congress and not to advance my own political profile unlike my opponent who is running to be the Asst. Speaker of the House and running for Congress at the same time. Our legislators have lost their way abandoning the traditions and institutions that produced modern America. It’s time to elect new delegations to Congress with a vision and commitment to preserve and protect political and economic freedoms.”

Caroline Colarusso is available for comment by email at CarolineforCongress@gmail.com. You can visit her website by clicking below. You may also contact the campaign by phone at (781)438-5720

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