Letter from the Editor:Making People Famous Everyday One Day at a Time

By William Tauro

As the delivery trucks were rolling on Tuesday delivering the Somerville/Medford News Weekly around Somerville and Medford, this creep was waiting patiently following and scoping out the scene.

He was waiting behind the trees for the newspaper  delivery drivers to fill the newspaper boxes in Magoun Square and then immediately scoop up the bundles of newspapers that were freshly delivered with the publication’s ink still drying in the news boxes. He filled up two shopping bags then simply walked away.

With the help of witnesses that immediately texted us with photos of the creepy  media culprit,  he was confronted and gave up all the papers after a brief confession.

It seems like that someone (not to mention names but saving it for the big boom) in the current administration has these petty newspaper thieves  doing their dirty-work for them all across the city of Somerville to hide any bad news from the people.

Someone please tell the puppeteer pulling the strings that crime doesn’t pay and that freedom of the press prevails here in Somerville and Medford.

Making people famous one day at a time.

This story is still developing…

5 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor:Making People Famous Everyday One Day at a Time”

  1. They are taking them from the elderly buildings as well. Its low when you have to remove newspapers from the public to see. What are they hiding or afraid of.

  2. An old man behaving this way! What a disgrace! You should publish his name.

    Hey buddy, you’re too old for this.

  3. An old man. How pathetic. Hey buddy, you’re too old to be behaving in this manner!! Stealing newspapers at your age??? Someone needs to publish his name!

    You’re an embarrassment!

  4. This newspaper asked for this. You can’t keep going around and speaking the truth and not expect some retaliation.

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