Somerville Wins Last Place By A Landslide

By Arthur Moore

Instead of Somerville being a leader with the covid virus the mayor worked his tail off getting his picture in the paper so much that in the meantime most anybody that wanted to go to the gym is going to other cities which are open and doing a great job handling the virus.
While Somerville sits back and does nothing. Well, except for the mayor who made use of the gym here in Somerville unlike his employers (US!). You would think he could have spent some time trying to help small businesses instead of trying to put them out of business. Which must be the case as he is surly doing zero to help.

If we could get him to spend as much time with the health department as he does with the reporters maybe we would have become a leader instead of a last place loser. All the businesses have been working hard at making this work and they are doing so making almost nothing or at a loss.

Of course the mayor does not have to worry about this as he collects his paycheck regardless. I do hope at election time people will remember what harm he has done to this city. And don’t forget the council members who are not speaking up for us and helping either. And the traffic department who also is doing a great job of blocking people from doing business with small businesses.

We certainly have an awful lot of people trying their best to do away with the small businesses we have come to love and use. Are we going to keep letting him do this to them? It looks that way. Don’t believe me, just look for yourself. Talk to the small businesses that are not afraid to speak up in private.

One thought on “Somerville Wins Last Place By A Landslide”

  1. Yup, Tuesday the mayor got his picture in the paper for this once again, sadly at the expensive of many people.

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