Hotline to the Underground August 10, 2020


By Joe Viglione


Continuing with our “back to the future” phase here on the Hotline, the Rolling Stones have a magnificent new single out on YouTube entitled “Scarlet.” I’m thinking to myself “this is the best thing that Mick and Keith have written in years” only to see that despite the modern video with Irish actor Paul Mescal (Normal People mini-series) the song goes back to the days of producer Jimmy Miller and then-engineer Rob Fraboni (who went on to co-produce Bridges to Babylon.) Mescal asks Mick Jagger in a marvelous video “So when did you guys write “Scarlet” and how long have you kinda been sitting on it, and why have you chosen to release it now?” Jagger responds “I mean I remember doing it in many versions…I remember doing it with lots of different people and I don’t remember doing this and I talked to Jimmy Page and he said “Oh yeah, I remember it. We sat in Ronny Wood’s recording basement” Jagger also adding “It wasn’t really a Rolling Stones Record” …. – and mind you, Jagger is supposed to be interviewing Mescal, star of the new video! Featuring Led Zeppelin’s page, it is a gem.

Recorded on May 10, 1974 and produced by Mick and Keith as “The Glimmer Twins” the stuttering quasi-reggae guitar is vintage Stones from that “Golden Era” of the greatest rock and roll band in the world. It’s catchy, terrific and is pure evidence of why this amazing group has the staying power it has displayed over the decades. Love it.

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Barry Marshall is one of the originals on the Boston/New England Music Scene and his production skills are always sharp, just ask the great Lavern Baker. Just re-released on YouTube is a wonderful new song from The Montgomery’s entitled “Mr. Heartache.”

Written by Dan Rudack and Peter Montgomery it is from the 2009 album WALKIE TALKIE on Naked Ear Records. Produced by Barry Marshall and Patrick DiCenso, The Montgomerys are: Peter Montgomery – vocals, rhythm guitar Mike Levesque – drums Sean McLaughlin – bass Tony Savarino – lead guitar Andrew Malone – piano and keyboards To learn more about Peter Mongtomery’s music, seek out his Facebook group.

“Mr. Heartache” is very Beatles and keep in mind, August 12, 1966 the Beatles along with Bobby Hebb, the Ronettes, the Cyrkle and The Remains embarked on the final Beatles tour.

Kenny Selcer and Steve Gilligan duo (Gilligan of The Stompers/Fox Pass/Hummingbird Syndicate) have a new video out entitled “Tears.” Written and mixed by Selcer with co-engineering by Billy Mason, the song was recorded 2019/2020 with Gilligan on vocals and bass, Kenny on lead vocals and guitar. The pair just performed outdoors at the Bull Run in Shirley and as weather – and the Governor – permits, you’ll find them in many a local nightspot…sometimes even during the day.

Listen here:

After a hiatus Steven Mark – one of our favorite artists – is back with an EP on Basset Records. The opening track, “Under Water,” has heavy piano and reminds me of Pop maestro from the Merry Go Round, Emmit Rhodes. We lost Emmit July 19, 2020 – not even a month ago, and this work carries on in that superb melodic tradition. “Cloudy” at three minutes and twenty seconds has Mark’s heartfelt lyrics and compelling vocal over a beautiful mix of sweet instrumentation. The five songs all clock in somewhere from under three minutes to almost three and a half, concise well-crafted essays. “High from You,” “Lift the Burden” and “Sugar Butterfly” flow in almost thematic fashion. It is elegant work from a veteran artist and is worthy of your time. Check out Steven’s Hear Now site:

For the past twelve weeks my writings here on Somerville/Medford News Weekly have not been as efficient as from October 19, 2019 to May 11, 2020. A bit of a life altering episode in my life, but we soldier on and – thankfully – I’m able to type without the Dragon Software so stay tuned. You can always find my etchings on and can find me if you want to send a note @ JoeViglione @

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