Colarusso Officially Announces Candidacy for U.S. Congress


STONEHAM, MA. Stoneham Selectwoman Caroline Colarusso officially announced her campaign for U.S. Congress in the Massachusetts 5th Congressional District to unseat incumbent Katherine Clark.

“The voters of the 5th Congressional District will have a real choice on November 3rd,” said Colarusso. “Voters want America to remain a nation of free individuals, equal under the law, with an impartial government, and an economy excluding no one. Americans built America – not government. Katherine Clark has lost her way – focused on her own advancement, and on building an oversized government that frustrates the dreams of individual citizens.”

Colarusso grew up in Boston’s North End and moved to Stoneham over 27 years ago. Professionally Caroline rose to the position senior management over a 25-year career in the federal system, recognized with performance awards as a “fix it role” specialist. “I worked in a male dominated environment, turning around broken and mismanaged operations.” My federal career was never easy, but I am not the type of person that settles for the status quo.” Throughout her tenure as a member of the Stoneham Select Board Caroline has “never voted for a tax increase.” Colarusso is known for oversight and accountability in government operations and working to lower tax burdens for all residents.

“Far left progressives like Katherine Clark arrogantly claim they can produce specific social results through federal direction of the most complicated economy in history. They claim they can weigh the talents, interests, and drive of individuals – and then decide who should win and lose. They ‘know’ what’s fair and best for you and your family. This conceit is wrong. Every failed socialist state proves it. America’s success with freedom over the last twelve generations should be celebrated – not regulated by government.” “You know what’s best for you, not Katherine Clark.” Parents know what is best for their children. That’s why in sharp contrast to Congresswoman Clark who opposes school choice, I will fight for educational equality for all students so that our economically disadvantaged minority student populations will not be forced to attend schools based on their zip code.

“America is unique, America innovates, America is filled with achievers. America is a nation built on individual freedom – liberty. My grandfather and great grandparents were immigrants who came here to seeking a better life. They found it in America, and passed that drive, determination, and hope to me. We need to pass it along to our children and grandchildren. I’m running for Congress to stop Clark and her colleagues from constructinga system based on politicians picking winners and losers while destroying political, economic and religious freedom,” said Colarusso.

Colarusso was also a longtime community volunteer in youth settings and at the high school level. She helped coach the Stoneham High Girls Varsity Ice Hockey team during the years when the program was struggling. In 1974 Caroline began her ice hockey days playing for the Winthrop Massport Jets. She graduated magna cum laude from Emmanuel College. She and her husband Joseph have been married for 30 years and have 3 adult sons – Anthony, Joseph, and Richard.

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