Letter to the Editor: Polygamy is Illegal In the State of Massachusetts But Apparently Not In Somerville


Polygamy Legal in Somerville?

Billy, I wanted to make you aware of this recent decision in Somerville by your city council. Read recent NY Times article here: https://tapit.us/OnlcAq

Mayor of Somerville was recently trying to keep churches shut down, defying state guidelines on local level. Now City Council trying to redefine family at the city level when polygamy is illegal in the state of Massachusetts.

Polygamy is still illegal in MA: “A marriage contracted while either party thereto has a former wife or husband living, except as provided in section six and in chapter two hundred and eight (divorce), shall be void.” See MA Law here: https://tapit.us/QJG1l1

We encourage Somerville residents to push back on this recent decision with your city council members. Click here for their contact information: https://www.somervillema.gov/citycouncil

The city of Somerville has broadened the definition of domestic partnership to include relationships between three or more adults, expanding access to health care.



11 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Polygamy is Illegal In the State of Massachusetts But Apparently Not In Somerville”

  1. It appears Curtatone and the overwhelmly morally corrupt , bankrupt city council members should be the first to show us how polygamist live. If the Curtatone’s clan want to expand their love lives show us how it done. Will Curtatone truly except his wife having extra lovers? And how many wifes will Curtatone eventually commit too? With 17 millions (if true) surely he can afford extra wifes and concubines. Sexual idolatry is as rampant today than ever before. Think with your mind and not your sexual organs. Curtatone , if you have any porngraphy in your home burn it. Fear the Lord Jesus Christ whom is God and not men. Curtatone , if you think you are god I have a bridge in New York City I’m selling………….

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