Letter to the Editor: Polygamy is Illegal In the State of Massachusetts But Apparently Not In Somerville


Polygamy Legal in Somerville?

Billy, I wanted to make you aware of this recent decision in Somerville by your city council. Read recent NY Times article here: https://tapit.us/OnlcAq

Mayor of Somerville was recently trying to keep churches shut down, defying state guidelines on local level. Now City Council trying to redefine family at the city level when polygamy is illegal in the state of Massachusetts.

Polygamy is still illegal in MA: “A marriage contracted while either party thereto has a former wife or husband living, except as provided in section six and in chapter two hundred and eight (divorce), shall be void.” See MA Law here: https://tapit.us/QJG1l1

We encourage Somerville residents to push back on this recent decision with your city council members. Click here for their contact information: https://www.somervillema.gov/citycouncil

The city of Somerville has broadened the definition of domestic partnership to include relationships between three or more adults, expanding access to health care.



11 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Polygamy is Illegal In the State of Massachusetts But Apparently Not In Somerville”

  1. It appears Curtatone and the overwhelmly morally corrupt , bankrupt city council members should be the first to show us how polygamist live. If the Curtatone’s clan want to expand their love lives show us how it done. Will Curtatone truly except his wife having extra lovers? And how many wifes will Curtatone eventually commit too? With 17 millions (if true) surely he can afford extra wifes and concubines. Sexual idolatry is as rampant today than ever before. Think with your mind and not your sexual organs. Curtatone , if you have any porngraphy in your home burn it. Fear the Lord Jesus Christ whom is God and not men. Curtatone , if you think you are god I have a bridge in New York City I’m selling………….

  2. Without any assistance in acquiring additional wives this law is useless. Somerville seems like it’s becoming more fun. But how do I get my extra wives?

    1. Dustin, it may seem like a great idea of first but after a while one can be too many.

  3. They will and have overwhelmingly won their elections. That’s the bottom line. Very few actually vote in Somerville. Just saying…. I’ll keep saying…

  4. This is why I left the Democratic party. A bunch of low lives who have NO MORALITY, no love for life, Nothing! Curtafone you Suck! I remember you and your sister being part of the parade in the Italian Catholic Feast for St’s Cosmo and Damiano. You have obviously left the faith and have NO REGARD God. How does it feel to bow down to Satan!

  5. Nothing but a bunch of Liberal aholes,who have their heads up their asses. Have you ever watched any of them on City TV? How could any of you with good conscience think that you represent all Somerville residents,you DON’T… Wait you will feel how we the silent majority really
    feel come election time.

  6. Its time to send the people that voted yes one of the new community’s social workers to help them with their illness.
    I am sure the insurance company will not honor such a ridiculous attempt to enable coverage.
    Its time these elected idiots start focusing on the city and its true needs not all these socialist ideas.
    Send the carpet bagging privileged phoney politicians back where they came from.

  7. So, people are upset that consenting adults are in a committed relationship… and that upsets your world view how? And so people should not be open to consenting adults in this case where so many other cases are no issue?

    Please help me understand, You are ok with a consenting adult having an abortion of a child that gets no vote. You give high 5 to consenting adults if they get married regardless of the sex of the couple. You have no problems (or few) when your neighbors or others have affairs as a consenting adults as long as it does not affect you. You worship sports stars and celebrities who regularly have multiple sexual tryst partners.

    You are ok with consent in all areas that are no committal but you have an issue with consenting adults making a formal commitment?

    1. First of all they just sneaked this one in without anyone knowing about it. No one had input. Second with all that is going on the council needs to be working on the serious problems facing us. This bit of fluff is more of a state or federal issue, not from our looney council members. We have enough of a problem getting through this virus and the BLM terrorists that loot, destroy property and assault police and private citizens. We need to work on saving the economy before this country tanks so this bit of passing something without benefit of the people deciding if they want to or not. We cannot have a council that works behind our back. Also it appears to be illegal but that is for an expert to decide which I am not. I am more offended by this council not working on the real problems of this city.

  8. Somerville is done it is over the people who grew up here are fed up, and yes Curtatone I know you could give two you know what!! These city council members aren’t from this state some of them they are turning this city or better yet turned it into an Oregon, Seattle, San Francisco. The mayor wants to be the first in this state for anything that is progressive giving no consideration to others who’s voices are few, and far between. Due to the cost of living in this s#@t hole of a city the locals have had to move out to afford housing. Bunch of clowns, bunch of sell outs, and you can have this swamp. How can a mayor of a very small city be worth 17mill on paper probably much more than that off the books. Investigate this clown once, and for all and get rid of him.

  9. I am burning all my Somerville clothes. So embarrassing to be from Somerville anymore. Used to be a proud and great city at one time. So many problems going on now with the virus, the violent protesters and the economy sinking from businesses not be allowed to open up and this is what the round table dreams up to do. Shows where their mind is. They are lucky to have this non working job where they can daydream this stuff up. They would never make it out in the real world. Real looney tunes, all of them.

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