Somerville Union Square Business Owners Get Final Nail In Their Coffins


By William Tauro

Why is the mayor of Somerville and our Somerville City Councilors destroying businesses in Union Square by not allowing customers to park at local businesses?

Some of these Somerville restaurants that are fortunate enough to still be in business these days during this pandemic are now going to suffer even more.

Most of these restaurants are only allowed to do takeout, but now to have all their remaining parking spaces that haven’t already been foolishly converted into bike and bus lanes are now faced with social distancing friendly street sidewalks aka “Business Busters!”

These elected officials of ours are now trying to convince us that these sidewalks that are located on both sides of city streets around Union Square aren’t big enough for people to walk safely. So now their shoving these orange cones down our throats and to have more of our city streets and needed parking spaces taken away to accomplish this?

Now more roads are being shut down all over Somerville including Union Square to convert them into huge sidewalks killing more businesses around the city. Where is the Somerville Chamber of Commerce during all of this? Why is this administration being allowed a free pass to do this with nobody opposing these foolish new street patterns?

Somerville shopkeepers had a difficult enough time paying their rent during normal times before the Covid19 pandemic, but now this administration put the final nail in their coffins.

When is enough, enough?


11 thoughts on “Somerville Union Square Business Owners Get Final Nail In Their Coffins”

  1. Got a $100 parking ticket they are the other day. I was trying to unload a ladder to work at someone’s home and had half of my truck in a t bus stop. The woman from the parking department or whatever they’re actually called came immediately over and said move it now or you’ll get a ticket as I had a ladder on my shoulder I said well I guess you’re going to have to give me a ticket but I’ll be back in 30 seconds to move it. Nope $100 ticket. This mayor is a joke and I am blessed that I do not live in this communist city

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