Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Paul PHANEUF (Defacement, Disorderly, Resisting Arrest) (Concord Warrants)

On Friday, May 15, 2010, I, Officer Kim, was working patrol in marked police cruiser West 6. At approximately 21:15 hours I was dispatched to the 711 Store, located at 4 College Avenue, for a report male who had broken a glass window of the store. Officer C. Collette and Officer Sullivan were also dispatched as back up. Dispatch advised us that the suspect matched the description of a male party I had encountered earlier in the evening around the same the location.
While in route to the above location, Somerville Control notified us, that they had received another 911 call about the suspect, who was now making his way towards Seven Hills Park while brandishing a knife. Units arrived on scene at Seven Hills Parks and searched the area. However, the suspect was no where to be found.
Units made our way towards the 711 Store on foot. While approaching the store, a random bystander told us that the suspect was running between the subway platforms, and was making his way up the escalator on the College Avenue side of the station. I looked across the street at the station and immediately recognized the man walking out the door as the suspect, and male I had encountered earlier in the evening. I approached him and ordered him to turn around and put his hands behind his back. The suspect failed to comply and instead made an attempt to run. He was quickly apprehended and taken to the ground by Officer Collette, Sullivan and I. While attempting to handcuff suspect, the suspect used forced to resist and tried to pull his arms apart. However, the suspect was able to be handcuffed and searched for weapons. In his right back pocket the suspect had concealed a black handled buck style knife. The knife was concealed in the open position with the blade locked opened. During the entire altercation the suspect, yelled profanities and made threats to harm me and the other officers. He became extremely agitated and boisterous continuing to yell profanities while some members of the public watched and videod.
I made my way to the 711 Store and spoke with XXXX, the reporting party. I noticed the store was in disarray as many items were displaced and scattered on the ground. XXXX stated that the suspect entered the store, paced around then yelled at him asking if XXXX had seen his wallet. When XXXX replied no, the suspect became enraged slapped a small display off the counter then walked towards the exit. Just before exiting the suspect purposefully knocked over a stack of shopping baskets. About 2 or 3 minutes later the suspect returned and threw 2 cobble stones through one of the store’s windows. I spoke with XXXX, the owner of the store. He was able to show me video of the entire incident which was consistent with XXXX account of the incident. I asked XXXX to preserve the video and he agreed.
The suspect was transported to the station by Unit 200: Officer DaCosta to be booked by Lieutenant Holland. At booking the suspect continued his boisterous behavior, began fighting with officer and had to be subdued with pepper spray. The suspect was eventually properly identified as Paul Phanuef. It was learned at booking that Phanuef had 2 open warrants for prior crimes. A short time after booking while Panuef was in his holding cell, he defecated and urinated on the floor, then smeared his feces on the plexi-glass window. In response Lieutenant Deoliveira was forced to call 24 Trauma cleaning service to clean and sanitize the cell.
Based on the above facts Panuef is being charged with:

M.G.L c. 266 S126A – Wanton and Malicious Destruction of Property (2 counts)

M.G.L c. 272 S53 – Disorderly Conduct

M.G.L c. 268 S32B – Resisting Arrest

S.C.O 9/96 – Violation of City Ordinance: Possession of a Dangerous Weapon


Respectfully submitted,.

Officer Eli Kim
Badge #307
Somerville Police Departmet

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