Message From Somerville Chamber Of Commerce


TO: Chamber Members & Friends

This is a request for your feedback this weekend.

As we all explore reopening the economy, the Somerville Chamber of Commerce recognizes that public health is job #1. In recent weeks, the Chamber has been engaged with both Governor Baker’s administration and Mayor Curtatone’s administration regarding COVID-19 public health and economic issues. Early next week, the Chamber will be submitting further comments on strategies to reopen the economy to Governor Baker and his Reopening Advisory Board as well as to Mayor Curtatone and his Economic Development office. After Question 1, please let us know your concerns relative to any one or more of the following questions …

How would describe your industry?

Health Care & Social Assistance
Educational Services
Retail Trade
Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
Accommodations & Food Services
Finance & Insurance
Public Administration
Transportation & Warehousing
Admin & Waste Services
Wholesale Trade
Arts, Entertainment & Recreation
Real Estate, Rental & Leasing
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting
Management of Companies & Enterprises
Active Duty Military
Other ______________________

Reply to as many or as few as you choose….

What do you anticipate to be the greatest barriers for businesses to reopen and employees to return to work in Somerville?

Has your business, industry or group already developed a playbook for returning to work as the public health response permits a phased reopening to ensure the safety of the workplace, employees, and the general public?

What are the most critical enablers for your industry / stakeholder group to reopen in the near term (supplies like masks, gloves; services like transportation, childcare, market conditions like consumer confidence, etc.)?

How much advanced notice would your industry or group need to reopen effectively in the near term?

What regulatory relief could state government provide you?

What cost relief could state government provide you (specific taxes, fees, etc)?

What regulatory relief could city government provide you?

What cost relief could city government provide you (specific taxes, fees, etc)?

Many businesses rent. In the chain of agreements (lessee-lessor-lender), terms of agreement might be renegotiated. Do you have any thoughts, recommendations about such rent relief?

What other factors should be considered when planning for a phased reopening outside of public health guidelines and industry specific needs?


Stephen V. Mackey, President/CEO
Somerville Chamber of Commerce
2 Alpine Street, P.O. Box 440343
Somerville MA 02144

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