Federal Agents Get Their Asses Handed to Themselves In Federal Court

By William Tauro

I personally attended and sat through this trial during the spring of 2018 during the week of June 9th-15th. I’ve never in my life ever witnessed so much lying, unethical practices and covering up in a courtroom full of federal agents, federal prosecutors and pie-in-the-sky Pinocchio style informants.

The first statement made by the government informant and accuser was “ I am not a government informant “ in which lead defense council replied “I am holding a report from the FBI that states that you have been a government informant from 2004 on until at least 2017! “

The FBI’s star witness who set the stage for the shit-show to begin as he took is oath he made very well sure that he told the judge and jury that there has been a history of Alzheimers in his family. From that moment on, I realized that this was going to be a comical exhibit of a federal case gone extremely bad for the FBI.

Next the prosecutor wouldn’t even put the FBI special agent on the stand because he had altered the 302 reports taking a page out of it and adding the defendants name to it 21/2 years later when he needed to obtain an arrest warrant.

That particular special agent was a hidden agent that never wrote a 302 report from 2013 until 2018 in direct opposition to the FBI manual and code of ethics.

The trial judge appeared to be very disturbed when he was informed of all the lying and falsifying of the government employees. According to testimony, the federal government had obviously lied during several bail hearings to ensure the the federal magistrate would not grant bail to this defendant of a case which was orchestrated and fabricated by the government informant and he obviously didn’t do it alone.

The most critical piece of evidence in this case was a pair of fictitious calls supposedly threatening the government informant with bodily harm which were proven at trial not to exist.

The FBI was ordered to produce the phone records proving the the defendant had made those very important calls, but the FBI subpoenaed the phone records of their informant one number off (accidentally ) which meant no records.

Why would they have to go through such a process when he is their informant? All they had to do was ask him for the records but that would have ended the whole case .

Sadly DeCicco had to wait 15 months in a maximum security detention center (Jail ) to prove his innocence. The government answered the complaint of Mr. DeCicco by simply saying they made a series of mistakes (not intentional), all in the attempt to put this man who refused to help lie about a high profile casino partner.

Its also startling that the Massachusetts Gaming Commission has never interviewed Mr DeCicco about his interest in the casino land which he purchased years earlier. They aren’t interested in the Lohnes Crosby connection or the dirty deals made to open Encore Casino .

And even the judge couldn’t help to notice that some jurors were shaking their heads in disbelief as the more that the FBI’s star witness spoke and the accumulating levels of manure began to rise in the courtroom.

To make a long story short, the FBI used the defendant as a scapegoat attempting to squeeze information that they needed and wanted badly from the defendant.

From the minute this entire case began it was a looser as well as an embarrassment for the federal government. From the morning of the extreme overkill early hour arrest of the defendant with the Feds booting down his front door at 6:00 AM, then intentionally keeping him incarcerated behind bars in another state for over 15 months with no bail, then immediately acquitted by a jury found not guilty. This case is sure to go down in the history books as one of the biggest embarrassments for the federal government next to the Muller Report.

From a case title starting out with the United States Government vs Gary DeCicco to the new and improved title of Gary Decico vs Unted States Government and not to mention the $4 million price tag that Decico is asking for in regards to his illegitimate arrest.

Click on the link below and read the full story and please picture in your mind the jury shaking their heads and you begin to wonder why the Federal Bureau of Investigation has lost all their credibility these days.

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