Somerville Speakup Line:Did Curtatone Renege on His Pledge To The Homeless Illegals?

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

This family is living blocks away from Curtatone in Foss Park (Mystic & McGrath Highway). I thought he said the homeless illegals could stay at his house, city hall and/or at the Somerville Library?

They need help! I’m sorry ….that’s terrible
My 12 year old grandson pointed it out to me on the way to school this morning. What do I give my grandson for an answer?

A Very Confused Citizen

2 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line:Did Curtatone Renege on His Pledge To The Homeless Illegals?”

  1. Need not to worry the city’s new housing czar has been brought on board at a costly price to solve all these issues. They have begun by training people how to screw their landlords.

    It is unfortunate that anyone in this city could be homeless. We have a duplication of efforts by multiple agencies along with the Housing Authority who has been providing for years since public housing was created for our Veterans.

    Not only are there people living in the public spaces many of our older residents are being forced to move into senior settings as a result of this administration and City Councilors not protecting the affordable housing many had lived in.

    The knee jerk reactions of the implementation of ordinances, new laws and increased taxes negatively impacting current homeowners has caused people to cash out and flee the city.

    A good start for the city is to reevaluate the way it treats the homeowners who are the biggest taxpayer collectively in the city.
    Many have been providing affordable housing below market rate to family, friends and long time neighbors for years.

    Unfortunately they city continues to treat them like they have deep pockets and continue passing increased costs and unmanageable controls onto them preventing it to be somewhat affordable

    The city has created a climate to attract younger residents whose needs are different they want pimped out housing, they need entertainment, quick transportation and minimal responsibility to survive things they can afford it with their six figure salaries.

    Keep building expensive housing which cause the costs to increase and it may at some point prove to hurt the market and drive more residents out. Leaving upper income earners and low income assisted housing residents no more middle class.

    Remember the first inaugural speech given ” YOU CANNOT CUT YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS.” So true the only thing gone down is our moral and ability to afford living here.

  2. I would say as for the homeless people in Somerville not much is really ever done. I have seen many chances go by that should have been used to help. I always like to take care of the worst things first in life. I think homeless and hungry fall into that category. Before I spent money on a path or other frivolous things here I would have liked to have addressed that problem first. I thought the Powder House School should have been used for a homeless place of some sorts. There were other missed opportunities I saw along the way. But having homeless in a park, under a bridge is not right. We should be better than that. I have seen cities around the country that have done some wonderful things to help. I would work on this before many other things but it always seems to get ignored.. Is it so hard to supply a bed and a hot meal to people without? I will admit I had a bad impression of homeless people at one time. After having some homeless people live with us from time to time it is nothing like we thought. Many are just people wit not enough means to survive and are independent and will do that before asking for help. A big thing I was not aware of is senior homelessness, same thing, not enough money to have a place and they are proud. So just think of the millions for a bike path, or a festival, or painting the streets, wouldn’t this have been a better use of that money?

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