A Weekly Somerville Story: Freddy Solberg of Freddy’s Hardware Company Part Two

By Arthur Moore

Starting from that point on Freddy got me some good customers to start with as I working on building up my empire. He was there for advice on the way, like when it came time to hire help he said “If they are not making you money you don’t need them”.

I also spent more time at their house. In one of the bedrooms was some pictures nicely drawn on the walls by one of their sons as I remember it. So the room was wallpapered and when they did it over Freddy put frames around the drawings to preserve them.

I say drawings but they were done very nicely and looked professedly done. I only saw the sons occasionally so I did not get to know them. Freddy did a very nice epoxy floor in his kitchen which I always liked. They were very nice people to work for. I started to help him out at the Temple Bnai Brith on Central Street. It was broken into and the school was in ruins.

So we worked to get it back to usable shape. The Temple was so important to them and they really cared for it so much. My wife even helped Shine out at the Temple sometimes. It was vandalized a lot. The copper was ripped off the roofs at the bottom and we fixed those also. We also worked at the cemetery as there was a chapel there that needed repairs.

He had so much energy and really loved is work and the Temple. Rabbi Shubow used to stop in now and then. I knew him from many years ago. The Rabbi was a big help to Freddy many years ago. Fred’s brother in law came over also as he was concerned about the school.

I actually knew him as he went door to door selling stuff and taking payments if you could not pay the price. For the younger generation he was known as the jew. It was not meant as being disrespectful at that time. At least I don’t think it was. Everyone treated him nice and he treated people nice.

Freddy went to a chiropractor a lot and I didn’t think much of it until one day he said he was a pow and it was damp where he was. He worked hard to get started as he used to work at Harry’s and then nights he used to work trying to earn enough to start his own store. They were all such wonderful people. I didn’t mention her sister but she was nice also.

One year Freddy hit the lottery. I believe it was for $50,000 which he gave some to his employees and his brother in law. It was wonderful knowing them. When Freddy finally gave up the store after his wife died him and his niece(I am pretty sure I got that right) sent out letters asking for everyone to pay their bill. Mine was paid, I could not do otherwise.

I wanted to just post what is written about him and some you tube stuff and I asked for permission to do so for those who do not use computers. So far no one has responded.

So I will do a summary which I think I can and put in the links if I don’t receive permission.

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